Serving the religious and spiritual needs of Muslims living in the Chicago’s North Side and neighboring Suburbs is the Islamic Center of Chicago. In the tradition of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw), who established the first Masjid in Madinah, to serve as the city’s central mosque for prayers and for worship, for dawah, for meetings and gathers, for discussions and debates, for welcoming the poor, the sick and the destitute, and for organizing the affairs of the Muslim community… we the Islamic Center of Chicago, more than 1400 years later, are continuing the tradition of our beloved Prophet, sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam. Just a short drive from downtown Chicago, the Islamic Center of Chicago has grown considerably to meet the needs and demands of the flourishing Muslim community.

With a fully fledged Masjid offering five daily prayers as well as inspirational Fridays prayers delivered in Arabic and English, the Masjid has become an integral part of community life for the Muslims of Chicago.

And when Ramadan descends upon us, our doors are open each day for daily iftars and taraweeh prayers. During the last ten nights, Muslims from all over the globe come to Islamic Center of Chicago to take benefit from the itikaf program.

The Masjid is alive and vibrant with hundreds of Muslims spending the night in ibadah. Our specially selected ulama and qari’s during Ramadan are sure to make everyone’s heart melt.

Not wanting to be ‘just another Masjid’, the Islamic Center of Chicago has begun a multitude of activities and programs that have energized and reinvigorated its kids, youth and adults, male or female, to reconnect with their Islam.

With Islamic learning classes to suit all ages and levels being offered after school hours, nights and on weekend, we provide no excuse for anyone to miss out on learning their den. And for those who can’t juggle their time or for those who just can’t get enough, the Islamic Center of Chicago’s summer school holiday program is always available.
For Muslims who want dedicated and structured learning, the Islamic Center of Chicago offers weekly Quran and Tajweed as well as Arabic classes for brothers and sisters. With our team of qualified and eloquent imams and teachers, Quran and Arabic will soon be second nature.
Our young and vibrant imam, Mufti Hussain Kamani, has studied under various esteemed shuyukh in different parts of the world and is qualified in numerous Islamic sciences. Currently, as the imam of the Islamic Center of Chicago, with the help of Allah (swt), he is constantly working on projects and programs that cater towards the needs of the Muslim youth and the greater Chicago community.

Another program started within the past year is the Youth Itikaf Program geared towards the young men of the community. This monthly program brings young adults and youth of all ages to the Masjid for a night long program conducted by a young scholar from the city.
The sisters of the community are no less active than the brothers. Alhamdulillah for over 2 years now, they have been conducting a weekly sisters Halaqah led by qualified students of knowledge and scholars.

The Islamic Center of Chicago is also pleased to announce that it can now help our youth who are looking to get married in organizing and registering their marriage, both Islamically and legally. What better way to begin a marriage than in the humble confines of a mosque, being showered with the blessings of Allah and the du’a of family and friends.

Recognizing the difficulties of raising children in the west, and despite the sincere efforts of most parents, many children and our youth are constantly being exposed to the unIslamic thoughts, concepts and behaviors that Islam forbids and rejects.

To help solve or minimize these negative influences, the Islamic Center of Chicago, since 2003 has established a fulltime school  provide quality Islamic education that integrates intensive Quranic memorization and proficiency of the classical Arabic language together with, and not excluding, state taught standard subjects. Our fulltime school, Alhamdulillah, begins from pre-kindergarten and has currently reached 8th grade as of this year.

The Islamic Center of Chicago’s full time school, complemented with its other programs, are dedicated to providing quality academic education in an Islamic environment and its goal is to build the foundation of Islam in the youth, build in them strong moral character, leadership qualities guided by Taqwa.

Additionally, Islamic Center of Chicago schools and programs aim to help children and the community excel & succeed in competitive and challenging fields with a high focus on the development of future Muslim leaders.

From our humble beginnings in 1987, in Masjid Al-Ansar, the ICC (formerly At-Takaful Islamic Society) moved to its current location in 1999.
This was only made possible, Alhamdulillah, due to the overwhelming and unrelenting support of the Muslim community. It’s is only with the community’s support, physical and financial, that the ICC has been able to undertake these wonder and all important projects. It’s is only with string on dedicated volunteers and helpers that the ICC Masjid, fulltime school and all other programs and activities continue to run smoothly and gain momentum. And it is only with the community’s continued support that the ICC can further refine existing and introduce new and better services to the Muslim community of Chicago.