Marriage (NIKAH) ceremonies are regularly performed by At-Takaful Islamic Society and are recognized by the County . As a service, the facilities at the Society are offered for the Islamic marriage ceremonies. Marriage certificates are issued by the Society and they are accepted as proof of marriage by many agencies.

Funeral Arrangements

Detailed information about funerals and preparations are provided to local area Muslims includinginformation about the funeral homes, body washing, Salatul Janaza, burial, cemetery etc. The Society keeps on hand necessary articles required for funerals.

Sadaqa and Zakat

The Society collects Zakat and Sadaqa during the year and distributs it to the needy Muslim families and students in the community. The Society encourages needy Muslims to be self supporting by utilizing the Zakat funds.On occasion non-Muslims are financially helped from the General fund.

Islamic Library and Audio/Video Center

The library has few books on tafseer, hadeeth, fiqh, sirah and aqeedah. The Audio/Video section of the library has a large collection of tapes that are used mostly by the community youth. Scholars and students from the community use the library and often request new titles.y, Funds are needed to expand and better equip the library.

Quran Study Circle

Each Saturday, after Salatul Fajr, Quranic reading, explanation, Tajweed and Arabic language classes are conducted for brothers. Alhamdulillah this beneficial program has been running for more than 14 years, and a similar Quranic study circle exclusively for sisters s isconducted every Saturday afternoon. Many women regularly participate in this program.